Creator Hero


About Us

Creator Hero a NC Media Company. Creator Hero was born from a simple observation: creators are underpaid because the tools to effectively monetize their work don’t exist. When working on brand partnerships using #paid hashtags, “sponsored posts” create friction and interrupt the genuine content. At the same time you have to send your loyal audience away from your content to a different website to purchase. This can lead to unattributed sales and lost compensation when working on affiliate partnerships.  

To tackle this problem we came up with a simple platform for creators to build their own boutiques. Over are the days of #paid and losing out on monetisation. With Creator Hero you can set up your own store with a few clicks and focus on what you do best: create amazing content! Your loyal fans can purchase your favourite brands directly from your boutique store. We take care of the rest. How does it work? The order will automatically be pushed to the respective brand which will take care of packaging and fulfilment. – simple right? 

This is not even the best part. By owning your boutique store you can customise the entire shopping experience. Upload your own images using the products, write reviews, embed them into blog posts and much more! Sign up below and start building your own Boutique! 

Join the Future of Retail