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Can my audience shop without leaving my boutique?

If one of your loyal fans places an order in your boutique the order is automatically passed on to the brand’s store. They take care of packing & fulfilment so you can focus on creating awesome content. You won’t need to send your audience to other websites. Your audience trusts you, let them shop with you!

All the tools for success

Streamline communication with brands, keep track of your promotional posts, automate invoicing and 1099 forms. Your all in one brand management platform.

Centralised CRM

Manage all your brand partnerships in one place


Detailed analytics on your boutique, including traffic and conversions

Taxes (W-9 & 1099)

Tax declarations & invoicing is done with the click of a button

Content Collection

We capture all posts which link to your boutique so you can see what content resonates best.